● H.265 compression algorithm, high compression ratio, small storage space, greatly saves storage costs, smooth network code stream, clear picture quality, multi-stream recording;
● Built-in ADAS+DSM intelligent and safe driving assistance system to provide drivers with more active and intelligent safety and reduce the incidence of safety accidents;
● Driver fatigue driving real-time monitoring and voice alert;
● Legitimate identification of driver identity to ensure legal driver driving;
● Unsafe driving behaviour monitoring, capture, reporting platform;
● Lane Departure and collision warning;
● Watchdog abnormal restart function protection, better protection of machine and video files;
● Flameout time recording function (time can be set up to 24 hours);
● Support remote management, intercom, fuel consumption monitoring, fuel cut, power off function through 4G network;
● Can Expand oil Fuel sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, RFID Card Reader, tire pressure monitor, etc. through the serial port;
● Support 4 channels of alarm input, can be connected (switch door, light, steering, brake, reversing, etc.), can link multiple processing responses;
● All-aluminum profile design, small size, multi-direction installation, fast heat dissipation, dustproof, shockproof;