Water Mist Based Transformer Auto Quell System


Transformers are electrical devices which convert alternating currents from one voltage to another, making them vital for any operation to run smoothly. The Ceasefire Watermist Auto-Quell System is a revolutionary, all-purpose detection and fire suppressant solution for transformer fires.

The system consists of a network of detection devices, special Watermist nozzles and a connection to a water tank installed in the local environment of the transformer. In the event of a fire, the system is programmed to kick into action in seconds. The specially designed nozzles dispense Watermist, made up of microscopic droplets of water (below 120 microns), onto the fire affected area, quickly putting out the flames as well as bringing the temperature down to non-combustion levels.

Entirely self-activated and requiring no human intervention, this integrated system provides a complete detection and suppression solution for transformer fires, working quickly to save property and lives. What’s more, since the Auto-Quell System is Watermist based, it has no long-term effect on the work environment and operations can resume without any time lost.

    Warranty: 1 Year